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By allan

Uganda’s Performance on the 2017 Doing Business Report


Doing Business 2017 is the 14th in a series of reports produced by the World Bank Group. The report investigates the regulations that enhance business activity and those that constrain it. The goal of the Doing Business series is to provide objective data for use by governments in designing sound business regulatory policies .
Posted at 01:36:30 on 2016-10-26

By allan

Ease of Doing Business Initiative 2016/17 Conference


Uganda as the outgoing chair of Ease of Doing Business Eastern and Southern Africa Inititative(EDBI) 2105/16, Dr Peter Ngategize the outgoing chairman EDBI steering commitee and National Co-ordinator Competitiveness and Investment Climate Strategy(CICS) Secretariat Ministry of Finance Planning And Economic Development (MoFPED) Uganda hands over to Kenya as in coming chair 2016/17
Posted at 02:57:00 on 2016-05-03

By richard

MOF: Government reduces domestic borrowing over high interest, low demand


The high-interest environment and low demand for some government debt instruments have forced the Ministry of Finance to cut back on borrowing in this financial year. In the Budget speech, government was expected to borrow Shs1.4 trillion; however it t made the decision to slash the figure to Shs900 billion.“We are on track on the domestic borrowing front. However, there was a revision from Shs1.4trillion to Shs900b. This was a decision that was made due to market developments,” Ms Jennifer Muhuruzi, the commissioner debt management ministry of Finance, told reporters at the award ceremony of the Best Primary Dealer at Bank of Uganda (BoU) in Kampala.Interest rates on debt issued have all gone up and are hovering above the 20 per cent mark.
Posted at 04:38:48 on 2016-04-05

By ben

Mechanized agro processing and farming set to increase seed production northern regions of Uganda


Equator seeds is one of those companies that handles operations along the whole seed value chain and they employ over 500 people. At production level, they are working with 32 cooperatives each with 1,000 farmers, they own farm 2,500ha big and they also work with 50 out-growers. They have their own seed processing plant that is used to sort, grade, mix, destine, treating, weighing and packing. Their main markets include; NGOs, Sudan-FAO, NAADS and agro dealers.
Posted at 03:46:07 on 2016-04-05

By allan

Field research on multipurpose prjects around the country


The field visit was conducted to assess the current status of the Business environment around the country with particular focus on challenges affecting Businesses, opportunities that need to be enhanced in order to encourage growth. Visit focused on 3 major sectors including; Agriculture, Land and Energy Sector.
Posted at 07:36:46 on 2016-04-04

By allan

Finance minister Matia Kasaija preparing to present his maiden Budget to the nation on June 11


Much as Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) is already penetrating the informal sector, more needs to be done. proposed a raft of taxes to be collected in the National Budget. Mr Kasaija proposed to increase taxes on all types of cigarettes, ready-to-drink spirits, cement, motor spirit (gasoline), gas oil (automotive, light, amber for high speed engine), cane or beet sugar and chemically pure sucrose in solid form, motor vehicle lubricants, confectioneries (chewing gum, sweets and chocolates).He also proposed to increase the rate of the environmental levy imposed on used clothing and used shoes among others.More taxes will be imposed on the importation of un-denatured alcohol, lubricants, steel and steel products, electronics, including fridges, washing machines, radios, DVD players and television sets, paper and paper products and diapers. According to the minister, all those increases are minimal. However, some tax experts and seasoned observers say URA must reach the likes of Mugagga, Mugyenzi and all those outside the taxman’s radar of not paying their fair share of taxes.
Posted at 05:27:59 on 2016-03-30